Turnaround Time: What is the production time?

Normal turnaround time is 3 to 4 weeks. It can be shorter sometimes if needed. It can be longer for some products like flags which are a foreign source.

Ordering: How do I start an order?

Go to our How It Works page. It will show you simple steps in the process.

Mailing: Will you mail my finished “books”?

Yes, we fulfill and mail many orders. We take your Excel mail list and do the mailing for you. Call for quotes. Minimum is 200 pieces.

Shirt Sizes: What size shirts should we order when we don’t know our people’s sizes?

The safest way to do it is to order all size L. That is the most popular size and can work for most people.

Products: May we supply the product for you to package in a “book”?

Yes, we will work with your product. We will want a sample of it to determine best size for the book and packaging method. We’ll give you a quote for just packaging.

Design: If we don’t have an artist, can you do the “book” and product design for me?

Yes, we have a designer on staff to help with art. We will quote you an art charge once we get an idea how complex your design is. Please see our Artwork Guidelines

Pricing: How do I know the price?

Our product brochure has pricing for a dozen or more stock products. Price is listed by quantity. If you want products not shown, call us and we will quote for your product. All prices include packaging in the “book”.

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