Surprise Thank You Gifts for Employees

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A Novel Way to Show Employee Appreciation

Appreciation for employees has a BIG place in every organization. Productive and engaged employees are the lifeblood of a company. A clear and tangible employee appreciation message can go a long way in nurturing team spirit.

BookWear is used by many companies year after year to say “Thank You” to employees in their own novel way. Employee appreciation day can happen in your office any day of the year, and BookWear is one of the best employee thank you gifts used by many companies, institutions, and organizations time and time again.

According to, the definition of appreciation is: "a feeling or expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude." Inherently designed to evoke the element of surprise, BookWear helps many employers express their admiration, approval, and gratitude in a way that is tangible and memorable. When people receive a well-designed BookWear, they notice it and hold onto it for a long time after opening it.

Here we share a handful of real use cases of organizations leveraging BookWear to deliver creative, fun, and surprising thank you gifts for employees.

RTG's Thank You Gifts for Employees

RTG Medical Use Case

Here is what this healthcare company said to their employees on their BookWear cover:

RTG Medical continues to remain focused on its core value that 'People are our only asset.' We'd like to THANK YOU for being the face of our efforts.
rtg medical pillow case thank you gift for employees
Creative messaging gets noticed

Some of the best ways to say “Thank You” to employees:

  • Person-to-person direct communication
  • Offering public recognition
  • Providing meaningful rewards
  • Expressing genuine admiration through messaging that’s tangible, creative, and surprising
  • Giving gifts that they will keep and use for a long time

A memorable and surprising Thank You gift will grab a person’s attention and produce a visceral response.

BookWear combines all of this as a tangible statement that translates into sincere gratitude for employees that they will remember and hold onto for a long time.

milford regional tshirt appreciation gift for employees

Harvard Business Review (May 10, 2013) says:

“Surprise changes behavior. Surprise turbocharges emotions. Surprise fuels passionate relationships. Combine happiness with surprise, and you hit the upper register of the ‘feeling-good’ scale.”

BookWear is a positive promotion which effectively delivers your message as a surprise gift package that people love to receive and open.

T-Shirt Appreciation Gifts for Staff & Volunteers

Iowa Hospital Association's Use Case

The front and back covers of IHA's “book” said:

You have chosen to care and to make a difference. That difference will change lives, help people and make this community a stronger and better place to live. For that we say 'Thank You'.
iowa hospital association shirt with blue bookwear cover
Every employee received a compressed tee shirt inside each “book,” custom-printed with Iowa Hospital Association’s logo and message.

Fourteen hospitals in the Iowa Hospital Association used BookWear gifts to say “Thank You” to their employees.

When this little “book” lands on anyone’s desk, it delivers a big dose of surprise. At first, it looks like a book but it becomes obvious that there’s something else inside other than pages.

The front, back and book spine are customized with your graphics and message (photos, logo, text, product info, appreciation quotes for employees, etc.).

Choose from any of our stock gifts or request one of your own.

BookWear is a perfect gift which says “Thank You” to your staff or volunteers.

You can mail it like a thick postcard, or let us handle the mailing for you.

Hospital Thank You Gifts for Employees

San Juan Medical Center's Use Case

San Juan Medical Center won a national healthcare award.

They ordered BookWear “books” with their “Thank You” message to employees imprinted on the cover, and with an embroidered polo shirt on the inside. They won the award again several years later and reordered the books & shirts again.

San Juan Medical's Shirt Thank You Gifts for Employees

Dimensional mail has a much higher response rate than ordinary “flat" mail. This little book is dimensional mail that delivers surprise on another level.

It’s not just a plain box or tube; it is colorful, with graphics and messaging, and a novel shape.

The package delivers the message, and in a pile of mail BookWear always gets noticed, opened, and read. BookWear “books” can be mailed like a thick postcard or handed out at events.

University of Nebraska gifts for college students

When an employee receives and examines it, there’s a smiling “Aha!” moment when they realize it’s not really a book, and there is something unknown inside.

Like a wrapped gift, it begs to be opened. This elevates the overall messaging. Use as recruiting gifts, corporate swag, trade show giveaways, and more, BookWear is a versatile gift that gets opened and remembered.

There are stock gifts, including Compressed Tee Shirts, Wired Earbuds, Bluetooth Earbuds, Sunglasses, Personal Safety Alarm, and more.

Stock gift ideas for employees include quality budget products as well as more expensive options.

TurboTax BookWear book displayed with a tee-shirt

If you have a different item you want novelized, we can probably do it. Just let us know what gift you're thinking of, and we’ll see if it fits our stock packaging, or if it needs a custom book size. We customize BookWear all the time, and we are glad to help you come up with awesome company swag ideas to give as gifts to your employees. The entire outer BookWear cover (front, back, & spine) is a space for your “Thank You” message to shine, but if you need more space, you can put an insert card inside the book which is imprinted with your mission statement, product information, marketing message, or any further words of gratitude for employees.

Donor Outreach Gifts for Fundraising

University of New Mexico Cancer Center's Use Case

BookWear makes your story dynamic, creative, and memorable.

The University Of New Mexico was successful at raising millions of dollars to build a new cancer wing, through a capital campaign which utilized BookWear to reach out to 2,800 prospective donors. The gift inside was a puzzle which was imprinted with an image of their proposed building addition, and a 4-panel insert card was included that gave information about their mission and their capital campaign.

bookwear puzzle

The response to their campaign was so strong that they decided to order and mail their BookWear “books” two more times. They gave a testimonial saying it worked terrifically at gathering team members and donors.

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