Case Studies: Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing

Discover how BookWear has made a significant impact on nonprofit organizations.


The Element of “Surprise” is what SLAS got

When they invested in unique nonprofit marketing giveaway with BookWear®, they creatively came up with “Ah,” the “element of surprise,” on the fake periodic table. But there is nothing fake about this group. The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening is purely scientific and hosts an annual conference for its members. This is where they give out this cute little “book” with their contacts, information and a surprise gift. We did a book for their 20th anniversary in 2014 and are in the midst of a new edition for 2017. It’s called “Never Trust a Molecule. They make up everything!”

gray bookwear shirt with book cover

Need a Fundraiser for your Library, Church or School?

The Friends of Highland Beach Library have twice ordered this “book” as a fundraiser for their library. Any organization can compose their message, pick a gift from our selection of products or a gift they supply) and have a memorable and impactful way to say “Thank You” to their donors. Or to solicit donors with a story about their activities and need for donations. We often insert a donor envelope inside those books. As one of the most creative nonprofit giveaways, this makes a very effective appeal for funds, with a gift and an easy way to donate. Highland Beach has ordered through their distributor in Pennsylvania.

highland beach florida tshirt with book cover

Everybody needs to say “Welcome!”

For Beverly Hills it isn’t just to those millionaire hillbillies from Tennessee. This elegant giveaway is a “Welcome” to new residents and employees of the city. Plain and simple. That’s about all it says, and it does so emphatically with a custom printed T-shirt inside with their logo on it. They’ve been giving out this fun and unique welcome since 2009.

city of beverly hills tshirt and book cover

Don’t Mess With Texas!

It’s a big state with a colorful history and a patchwork of thousands of stories. Frisco, Texas is passionate about their history. They have a Heritage Museum that has collected stories, artifacts, letters and photos from the early 1800’s till present. They created a “book” as an introduction to visitors of the museum, and to raise money. Inside was a puzzle with one of their rare photos of the early days of train travel in Texas. It’s just one of the many reasons why it’s one of the most effective nonprofit marketing giveaways.

bookwear puzzle
“BookWear® was wonderful! A quality product!”

South Wind Hospice, Inc.

“Got our BookWear® today. They look Great! Thank You!”

Mercy Corps

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