Case Studies: Healthcare Marketing & PR

Discover how BookWear has helped healthcare organizations create lasting impressions through custom branded gifts.

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Healthcare: Marketing and PR

Primary Care physicians need a way to connect with their community. They are the front lines of healthcare. This little book tells their message in a tangible way that drives attention to their website, driving traffic to their offices. All to “Get More Face Time”. Although one of our most simple healthcare PR case studies, their custom tshirt will be an effective tool years!

branded pillow case with book covers

“People are our only asset!”

That’s the statement on the custom pillow case from RTG Medical to their employees. It’s further emphasized on the back of the book with, “We understand, to the customer, YOU are the face of our company. We know that our ultimate success is dependent on the experience and lasting impression with you on assignment. For this reason, RTG Medical continues to remain focused on its core value that People are our only asset.”

It's About Time

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point emergency room achieved certification for a higher level of service and they wanted to announce it. “It’s About Time” became the title of their “book”. “We have achieved many milestones, including minimizing emergency service wait times and exceeding national averages for treating heart attack and stroke patients. Now after close to two years of hard work and a $4.5 million investment, the hospital has earned designation as a Provisional Level II Trauma Center! Look for improved speed, access and survival rates during critical situations.”

A stopwatch was their gift inside, relating well to their rapid response. It also made for one of our favorite healthcare public relations case studies. A fold-out card inside further described their services. “The ‘Golden Hour’ is a brief window of time for getting an injured patient to a Trauma Center. Studies show that if advanced care is delivered within the first hour of injury, the chances of survival are dramatically increased.” They go on to talk of limited access of Florida residents to a hospital with this level of service.

stopwatch inside bookwear cover

Need Money? Of Course!

Every nonprofit is looking to raise money. This cancer center had a capital campaign with a goal to raise millions of dollars for a new facility. As one of our flagship healthcare PR case studies, they used BookWear® to tell their story, plus an appeal for donations. An image of their proposed building was on the “book” cover. It was mailed like a thick postcard to 2,800 potential donors, inviting them to the groundbreaking. It was so successful at bringing people in that they placed rush orders for more “books” right through the end of the campaign. Inside was a puzzle of the building plus a tri-fold card that gave more information about their services and a map to the groundbreaking. They raised millions of dollars and gave a testimonial praising BookWear®’s effectiveness at getting people’s attention and bringing in donations. SUCCESS!! This building is complete and beautiful! An effective book title for a fundraiser with puzzle inside is “You’re the Missing Piece!”

puzzle of a building

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