In a World of Digital Impressions, Make a Tangible One

The UGA Case Study

There’s no doubt that the world has gone digital. From online planners to group collaboration and communication, it feels like everything is online. In the digital-forward world of higher education recruitment, where email inboxes overflow and social media posts flash by in an instant, the quest to capture attention is increasingly challenging. Colleges and Universities are tasked with not just reaching prospective students but also creating memorable connections. This is where BookWear comes in with tangible promotional products that shine. They create a tactile touchpoint in a sea of pixels.

Take a page from the University of Georgia's (UGA) playbook, where they've redefined student recruitment by blending tradition with innovation. For 12 consecutive years, UGA has been sending out BookWear “books” to accepted students, not just as a novel piece of mail but as a keepsake that invites interaction with their next steps included in the “book.”

Furthermore, each item in their “book” is more than just novelty—they are symbols. The sunglasses represent a bright future, and the action list provides clear steps toward their future with UGA.

The strategy? It’s simple: make an impact where least expected. The moment a prospective student holds the package, the university has created a memory – a feat less likely achieved through even the flashiest of e-mails or social media posts.

Voices of Success

The impact of promotional products isn't just a singular tale. Across the board, institutions echo similar success, with stories of increased engagement and enthusiasm from students. Testimonials from various colleges spotlight promotional items as more than just recruiting gifts; they're conversation starters, they're reminders of a future community, they're functional tools that weave a university’s narrative into the daily lives of potential recruits.

It Makes Sens(ory)

Why does the BookWear product work so well? It is a multi-sensory experience that the digital world cannot fully replicate. Physical items can be touched, held, and even smelled, creating multiple memory cues. This lets your organization stand out in a crowd. Also, in an age where digital fatigue is setting in, receiving a physical item feels more personal and thoughtful.

Speak Gen Z's Language

It's crucial to meet your prospective students where they are, and Gen Z lives in a world where digital and physical realms are deeply connected. They value authenticity, storytelling, and creativity – all elements that can be powerfully conveyed through well- thought-out promotional products.

Furthermore, Gen Z appreciates a personalized approach. With a custom product like BookWear, your prospective students get an instant connection with a personal touch.

The Future of Promotional Items

The digital age is here to stay, but you can stand out and leave a lasting impression with a tangible product. As you set your student recruiting strategies for the next admission cycle, consider how to blend both worlds to set your campaign apart. Invite students to not just read about your institution on their screens, but experience it through promotional products that speak volumes.

Ready to take your recruitment to the next level? Explore how BookWear can help you tell your story and connect with the next generation of scholars. Contact us for more information or for free samples, or see more ideas for college recruiting giveaways that appeal to Gen Z students.

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