Harness the Power of Storytelling for Higher Education Campaigns

In the realm of academia, school loyalty is a powerful force. That unspoken bond ties students, alumni, and staff to their school. It is tailgating, wearing school colors and logos, and tradition. School loyalty is not just a feeling. For students, it's about connecting to their college or university, not just during their time on your campus but for a lifetime. For alumni, it's a nostalgic connection to their past. And for staff, it's a testament to their dedication to their educational institution. But how do you nurture and amplify this loyalty? One answer lies in the strategic use of swag.   “Swag” is slang for promotional merchandise. Origin stories of this term vary, but our favorite is it is short for “stuff we all get.” These swag products have come a long way from basic logo-bearing items. They have evolved into a dynamic and creative way to express and tell a school’s story.

A New Chapter in a Student’s Education

Using BookWear in combination with a branded T-shirt, notebook, or notepad is a great way to tell prospective students that they matter and they belong. Imagine being a new student, stepping into the unknown world of higher education. A simple connection made through university swag helps them feel like they are part of the campus community.

Personalization Is Key

In order to maintain and sustain school loyalty, personalization is key. Every school has a unique story—full of history, tradition, and values. A one-size-fits-all approach to every school marketing and recruitment campaign will fall short of nurturing a sense of belonging that a school’s community thrives on. A personalized touch can help tell your school’s story through messaging and promotional materials. This way, the swag you send out is less like a generic giveaway and more like a thoughtful gift. BookWear’s unique design allows you to tell your school’s story and provide a custom gift.

Often, people think of swag as trinkets or dust collectors. But when they are quality products that represent your school's identity, you have created a keepsake. Beyond surface level, the quality of our message and products helps create a lasting message that will spark conversations for alumni and current students alike. One key thing to remember is staying consistent with your image and brand guidelines. At BookWear, we recognize the importance of your school’s visual identity and make sure each promotional campaign reflects that accurately.

A Variety of Options

Today, there is a promotional item for every occasion. This kind of versatility means that any industry can find the perfect match for their marketing goals. “Popping In” to tell your employees they are doing a great job? Our popcorn promotional item is a fun treat for anyone to receive. Ready to electrify your customer base? Our wireless phone charger is a great way to remind them of your brand and services. By finding a promotional product that people can use every day, you are constantly reinforcing brand awareness and your company’s identity.

Engagement, Even Before Day 1

Engaging students from the undergraduate recruitment phase through alumni donors should be a part of your marketing strategy, and using promotional products is a great way to capture their attention and thank them for their contributions.

Your school’s colors, mascots, and logos are key points of your school’s identity. Don’t sway from those for swag! Pay attention to brand consistency in both color, image, and message. Remember, when students are wearing your swag, it is more than just a fashion statement! They have become your school’s ambassadors—both during their time on campus and post-graduation.

That said, building strong alumni connections can begin while students are still enrolled! When students feel engaged with campus culture, they are more likely to be loyal alumni. One way to boost engagement and instill community is through promotional products. BookWear’s approach aims to create meaningful connections through storytelling with students from the minute they are interested in your campus.

For prospective students and alumni alike, receiving personalized and high-quality college swag items enhances their view of the school and instills a sense of pride and community. For prospective students, it is not just about receiving random items – making them feel valued and recognized.

We know that the power of school loyalty is undeniable, and we are here to help you harness that power by telling your school’s story, reinforcing its values, and maintaining a sense of belonging that can last a lifetime.

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