A Product as Unique as Your Company

In a world of flashy online ads, there is something refreshingly tangible about physical promotional items. From introductions of new products to fundraising campaigns, promotional products are the perfect way to spread your message and brand. They are also a great way to show appreciation to your employees.  

Promotional items don’t just belong in corporate America. Finding ways to incorporate “swag” into your business can help your company stand out to employees and clients. And with BookWear, you’re going to see that “big things come in small packages.”   But how can you use promotional items to establish your brand identity?

A New Chapter in a Student’s Education

Using BookWear in combination with a branded T-shirt, notebook, or notepad is a great way to tell prospective students that they matter and they belong. Imagine being a new student, stepping into the unknown world of higher education. A simple connection made through university swag helps them feel like they are part of the campus community. Whether as student recruiting giveaways or orientation gifts, students are more likely to engage with a campus with something tangible.

On the Pulse of Success

In the world of healthcare, communication with patients and community stakeholders is important. Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point used stopwatches as a promotional item to highlight their new certification for higher service with the accompanying phrase, “It is About Time” highlighting their commitment to rapid response and decreased wait times. Using BookWear paired with promotional materials is an excellent way to convey a specific message or celebrate a milestone.

A Variety of Options

Today, there is a promotional item for every occasion. This kind of versatility means that any industry can find the perfect match for their marketing goals. “Popping In” to tell your employees they are doing a great job? Our custom-branded promotional beanies are a fun item for anyone to receive. Ready to electrify your customer base? Our wireless phone charger is a great way to remind them of your brand and services.

By finding a promotional product that people can use every day, you are constantly reinforcing brand awareness and your company’s identity. BookWear offers endless company swag ideas to promote your brand and improve its image.

Building Bonds, Creating Culture

Promotional items and swag are bridges to connect your company with your target audience. From the moment someone receives a branded item from Bookwear, they are holding a piece of a company’s identity, a token of your appreciation, and a tiny billboard that says “We’re here, you matter.” After all, the smallest gestures make the biggest impressions.

Let Bookwear help you make that impression.

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