At BookWear®, our staff is eager to collaborate with you, sharing energy and ideas to create a unique way for you to reach your audience and have a lasting impression. For design ideas, you might want to check out our “Testimonials” for images of book layouts, text and graphics.

Below, you’ll find some guidelines to follow when considering various products. You can also download templates for book covers.

Book cover art

Templates are available for download. Front and back of covers measure 5.75″ tall x 4″ wide. (Please include a 1/8″ bleed if print extends to the edges.) Spine sizes vary according to the product, t-shirt size, style and color. Light colored t’s sized from S – XL use a 1.25″ spine. XXL book spines measure 1.5″. Dark t’s sized from S – L use a 1.25″ spine. Sizes XL – XXL are 1.5″. Spine sizes for other products vary. Please view or download a template for the specific item you will be ordering.

Template A (1.25″ Spine)
Book Cover Template A (1.25" Spine).
Template B (1.5″ Spine)
Book Cover Template B (1.5" Spine).
Template C (1.125″ Spine)
Book Cover Template C (1.125" Spine).
Template D (0.75″ Spine)
Book Pad Cover Template D (0.75" Spine).
Template E (0.5″ Spine)
Book Cover Template E (1.5").
Template F (.05″ Spine, 4.25″ Cover)
B.05" Spine - 4.25" Note Pad Book Cover
Template G (6.25″ Note Pad Cover)
6.25inch Note Pad Cover Template
Insert Card
Popcorn Bag Template

Additional Information

Art Specifications

Guidelines for submitting artwork

We accept artwork created in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop CS6 or earlier. Please save all of your files down to CS6. Convert fonts to outlines and embed linked files. Do not flatten Photoshop files before submitting. Submissions should be saved as a “High Quality print” pdf. Files up to 20MB may be emailed to All “High Quality print” pdf’s submitted must also have all type converted to outlines. Photos must be 300dpi. We DO NOT accept artwork created in PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Publisher, Pagemaker or Quark. Our Art Department is Mac based, please format your submissions accordingly. For files larger than 20mb but under 50mb, please upload to, following instructions on their web site. Be sure to fill in recipient’s email as The service is free for files under 50mb. Or if you’d prefer another file-sharing site of your choice, that is acceptable as well. Additionally, if your University/Company has your own FTP site to post your artwork in, and provide our graphic artist with a password to view the designs, that works for us too. Email with any artwork questions or concerns.

T-shirts and product art

SPOT COLOR designs and logos must be submitted as vector art (line art), in .ai or .eps format ONLY. Pantone Coated #’s MUST be assigned to each color. DO NOT convert your colors to CMYK. Please specify location of print. Artwork should be submitted the same size you would like it to be printed on the product. Common print sizes for t-shirt Left Chest designs are 3.5″ wide and under. Full Front and Full Back designs are commonly 10.5″ wide, with a maximum imprint area of 12″ W x 14″ H. Actual design sizes are your preference. Oversized prints are available for an additional fee. Ask your customer service rep for details. Please see brochure for maximum imprint areas for our other products.

4-COLOR PROCESS designs must be submitted as at least 300 DPI .jpeg files for light colored shirts and at least 600 DPI for dark colored shirts. Please specify location of print. Artwork should be submitted the same size you would like it to be printed on the product. CMYK or RGB colors accepted.


You may provide printed material and we’ll insert it into BookWear® for no extra charge. Campus maps, reply cards, schedules, etc. must have a finished size (actual or folded) of no larger than 3.675″ x 5.25″.

Virtual Samples

Marketing • Recruiting • Branding • Communications

custom book-look packaging with your graphics,
photos & message on the cover. a surprise gift inside.
your story gets attention!

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