Case Studies: K-12 Student Giveaways

Promotional Giveaways for Students

Here’s a Warm Welcome!

This one also encourages “Think Outside the Box, Lead into the Future.” This is a pre-K through 12 school that promotes creativity and innovation. What better marketing than to use a unique and fun “book” to tell their story with a surprise shirt inside? It gets attention and delivers the message with impact and style!

Student Giveaways Marketing

High School has Big Dreams

The stuff of Dreams is getting a freshman class filled with talented and energized students. Choate, a private school in Connecticut, likes the “Dream” theme. They have used it on BookWear® for six years to recruit top students. “DREAM BIG” is printed on their pillow cases every year. The cover art has changed several times. Shown above are two book versions.

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custom book-look packaging with your graphics,
photos & message on the cover. a surprise gift inside.
your story gets attention!

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